Koot Keet

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Koot Keet

Koot Keet, whose name means ‘Mine and Yours’ and whose sales office is based in Germany, has a small but beautiful collection of well-designed bags in a diverse range of colors not often seen on real leather. Each bag carries a name from their country or origin: Ethiopian, as Koot Keet wants to share a part of their beautiful culture with the world. Included below are some of their pieces in unique, eye catching colors as well as what information I could find about their practices online (a little vague about working conditions/ environmental impact etc. but I’m putting in an email to learn more).

You can’t go wrong with a shoulder tote that has external pockets for all those things you need at your fingertips, the Siiqqee, or maybe the classic Ateetee tote is more your style. The cross body bag is just the right size, and if I ever decide to replace the wallet that I’ve had for 10 years (!), the Munday is definitely a candidate, I love the envelope style and the convenient zippered pocket in the back.

Koot Keet provides jobs for women in Ethiopia's capitol Addis Ababa. By employing only women, including women with disabilities, Koot Keet is contributing to the economic independence of women in a place where women rarely have economic independence. Koot Keet invests in its employees by providing fair working conditions, providing training, and using innovative management techniques for a lively work environment.  Salaries for Koot Keet employees are 4 times higher than the average salary in Addis Ababa, which allows women the economic freedom to support their families and enjoy their lives.