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Synergy Organic Clothing

Synergy Organic Clothing was born out of Kate Fisher’s first trip to Nepal in 1993. While there she was both inspired by the beautiful textiles of Asia and struck by the need for economic stability and financial independence among the population. In 2006 Kate Fisher actualized her dream, with the help of her husband: making clothing with minimal environmental impact and empowering people through ethical employment practices. Now from her brain to your closet comes clothing designed in California and produced ecologically and ethically in Nepal and India.

Synergy Organic Clothing is made from GOTS certified organic cotton grown and loomed in India. To be GOTS certified takes a lot of work and continuous improvement, read more about that here. All fabrics are dyed with low impact dyes, meaning that they have a low toxicity level, require less water, and produce minimal waste. Garments are also sewn in GOTS certified factories by men and women that earn a living wage. This ensures high quality garments and the empowerment of those who sew them.

When you purchase from Synergy Organic Clothing you are purchasing a garment made by someone who received a living wage and who was protected from unsafe working conditions and toxic chemicals. Your purchase helps empower communities in Nepal and India while helping to change the fashion industry.

“Ethical clothing is about more than just clothing, it is casting a vote for the type of future you want for the world and the people who live on it.”

Some of my favorite items from Synergy Organic Clothing are what most would call basics but each piece has something unique and wonderful about it that will set you apart in a crowd. Many of their pieces come in only neutral colors (right up my alley) but some also come rich jewel tones like a beautiful dark golden yellow called “roasted pecan” or a wonderfully dark red called “windsor wine”. These were new for fall/winter and I am anxiously awaiting what new beautiful colors they will introduce for spring/summer. Here are some of my favorite items from their collection (a lot of which is on sale so be sure to check out their website).

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