Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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Wow. It has been technically Fall here for almost 2 weeks and I have had absolutely no reason to change up my wardrobe. Except for wearing leggings and a sweatshirt around the house at night in an effort to feel cozy, it is still essentially summer to me. It was well over 90 degrees last week and while it is supposed to rain this week, the forecast doesn’t have the temps dropping below 75 anytime soon. That said, 75 is a little, tiny bit cool for me (definitely acclimating to my new environment) so I’ll be busting out my warmer clothes over the weekend and putting them to use next week.


After much hmmming and hawwwwing over my summer capsule, I don't think I actually bought anything... scratch that I bought some shorts at Target *gasp*. I know, but I needed them! And they were made in China, which at least has some labor regulations as opposed to Sri Lanka or Guatemala (those get a hard pass from me). I try to buy everything ethically or live without but sometimes these things happen.

I’m generally a reluctant shopper, even before i started shopping ethically, so actually buying things takes time and careful weighing of options. This is, coincidentally, what shopping consciously is all about, right? Minimize wasted money and closet space by being sure that you  want it before you buy it (have I mentioned that the Just Ethical Goods marketplace is perfect for that?) *shameless plug* Anyway....

I’ve got my eye on several things this season. I have plenty of fall/winter clothing but I would like to replace/ upgrade some things with pieces that I really love. I have a beautiful coat that I’ve been thinking about selling for years mostly because it causes my hair to tangle beyond any stretch of the imagination. There are a few coats that I’m eyeing: a camel one from Everlane and a gray one from Amour Vert. I also have some ill fitting sweaters that I continue to wear because I can’t be bothered to find replacements *but* if I were going to replace them, Everlane has hit the mark with their cashmere collection.. I still “need” a solid scarf (no print, no nothing) to go with all the things and Cuyana’s beige scarf could definitely fill that hole. And I probably need to invest in a new lazy-day sweatshirt, though I am still grieving the long passed loss of my favorite (only) RIP. The replacement one that I’ve fallen for is from Everlane, those side slits!

Things I definitely dont need, but kind of love:
Tortoise shell earrings (one set from Amour Vert and one from ABLE). That convertable backpack bag (ABLE)! New leather flats that look almost as warm as boots (Amour Vert)! Oh I love Fall!

I’m looking forward to layering up for fall again. I love wearing leggings under floral dresses with a fuzzy sweater over the top... and cowboy boots. That is the outfit that I have been dreaming of lately, yes it sounds crazy but... it looks/feels great to me. Fall is the perfect temperature/season to add some depth to your style with various layers and textures but it’s not so dern cold that you need to cover all that loveliness up with a big coat. We are probably still a month out but I *can not wait*

Do you have anything on your fall shopping list that you’re itching to buy? Share what it is in the comments!

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