Winter Capsule Wardrobe

It is hard to believe that winter is here already and the year is almost over! Where has the time gone?!?! Throughout this year I feel like I have made mostly good clothing purchases, even if not all of them were well thought out or even sustainable/ethical. I make an effort to get the most out of my clothing and if I find that I rarely wear (or don’t enjoy wearing) something, I try to figure out why and change it, or I try to find a new home for that garment. I have realized this year that some of my favorite outfits (okay it’s essentially lounge wear) were given to me entirely by my mother over the years. And maybe I’m a hoarder but that duster sweater that I got in 7th grade (!) still makes a dern good house coat, though it could probably use a little mending. Clothing was once kept and used this way, for as long as it could be and in as many different ways as possible.

This season as I pull my clothes out of storage, and take some much needed time from my day job, I intend to really really examine my clothing. During Fashion Revolution’s Who Made My Clothes online course, it was suggested that people really examine their clothes and document where they were made and what they are made out of. I like this idea and think that I will go a bit further and try to recall where I got it and how much I paid. If this is as interesting as I think it might be, I will share it with ya’ll.

Some other things I’m looking for when I pull my clothes out of storage are: clothes that I am not excited about wearing, clothes that I can only wear in one way, and clothes that need mending.

For clothes that I am not excited about or clothes that I only wear in one way, I will take a closer look to see if I can find a way to better utilize them or to be more excited about them in my wardrobe. I already have a large pile of clothes that I am planning on mending over the next week, though I know may only get through the cold weather items *priorities*. Maybe I’ll finally sew that faux fur collar onto that collarless sweater that I can’t manage to style... or maybe i will just give that sweater to a coworker and keep my faux fur collar for future use? Dilemmas. Speaking of Dilemmas, I’ve broken out a section for my fashion dilemmas below.

My recent fashion dilemmas/solutions:



I have been looking for a ridiculously large, solid, neutral colored scarf forever. I’ve been thinking of it as a cashmere/wool addition to my wardrobe, however since I have not found one that is big enough or neutral enough in my price range, I still do not have one. But about a month ago I realized that I can make one! Maybe not exactly like i was thinking (sleek, warm, woven) but something similar (chunky, warm, knit)! I have been known to crochet (hats, scarves, blankets) and I can do that again! This epiphany reminded me to think outside the box! There are many things that I can make for myself! I just need to set aside the time to do it.

Work Shoes:

While I love my Everlane Modern Pointe shoes and they have finally broken into my feet (or vise versa) they cannot be wore with socks. And socks are necessary right now (it is cold!). Even the thinnest socks result in much too much squeeze on my toes. Thus I am searching and thinking about what kind of shoes I can wear to work that are comfortable and warm and look good with every single pair of work pants that I have. Yes is is quite a task. Maybe the Nisolo d'Orsay Oxfords? Gosh I love them but maybe they are a more transitional season shoe... maybe I’ll just wait til spring then?!?!  Quite a dilemma... I’ve also been thinking about Rothy’s. I know, I know, I decided against the red ones last season but maybe leopard! And right now they have those beautiful embroidered ones. However, neither of these shoes really solve my sock problem so I guess I’ll still be thinking about this one.

Insulating Layer:


This dilemma arose very quickly and was solved later that night after a half bottle of wine (this is honestly how I make most of my purchases, I’m a very reluctant shopper and wine helps). I decided one morning, while at my day job, that I was going to look for a slightly puffy, long jacket to layer under my raincoat and under my wool coat when I need a little extra warmth instead of my slowly disintegrating cashmere sweater. It took my very little time to find a jacket from Uniqlo that would do just the trick. I told myself that I should wait and think on it a bit more, but I drank a half a bottle of wine when I got home and bought it. I got it in the mail this morning before work and immediately put it on over my pj’s while I made coffee. It is amazing and I love it. Maybe wine shopping isn’t such a bad idea? Scratch that it’s definitely a bad idea. but I do really like this jacket.


My work clothes are boring. Doing this whole business casual thing at work essentially means that I have 2 wardrobes: one with that is work clothes and one that is athleisure, there is no inbetween. I feel that I need to figure out how to be more creative about my outfits day to day, however I am soooo not a morning person and so do not care what I look like when I leave the house. Therefore I am going to, in the new year, try to pick out my outfits in advance and give some kind of effort to be cute, just for my own piece of mind. I probably have the clothes that I need to make cute/interesting outfits but, because I lack time, it is not done. Also if in fact my work wardrobe is lacking something, this is the best way to find out. I’m including some of my favorite work inspo outfits because I bet I’m not the only one who has trouble being creative in my work attire.

Just looking at the thumbnails of these images I can see that I’m pretty into neutrals and layers. and that my next work shoe of choice may need to be a pointy, heeled, boot. THIS is why I am constantly saving photos of peoples outfits. Breakthrough!

Let me know in the comments if you are a capsule wardrobe user or if you have any advice about less boring work attire. xo

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