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The New Blak!

The New Blak caught my eye on Instagram with their badass graphic tees and feminist/ethical ethos. With a little research I found that the company embraces not only the ethical/sustainable fashion practices that I crave but also real women and real bodies. Hallelujah!

This boutique clothing company started by a young woman who was fed up with what the fashion world had to offer. Amanda Dare, the founder of The New Blak and the head seamstress, was determined to escape, and provide refuge, from the harmful fast fashion cycle that she witnessed while working in retail clothing.

I’ll outline what I think Amanda probably witnessed there:

  1. Humans in poor working conditions, producing low quality garments from low quality fabric by companies with no regard for the effects of the harmful chemicals on the environment and the people.

  2. These “on-trend” garments end up in fast fashion stores where they are sold for a very cheap price to consumers who purchase them without much thought because they are so inexpensive.

  3. The new trendy bits are worn only a few times due to the fact that they itch or pull or pinch or tear because they are not well and they are not made to last, they are made to be replaced.

    Besides, that particular trend has already passed and something new, for that same cheap price in the same cheap fabric, has already been purchased.
  4. The ripped, pinchy, out dated one? That’s already in the trash along with 13 million tons of textiles that end up in USA landfills every year.

Yeah, It’s pretty grim. 

On the bright side The New Blak (along with a small army of other brands) is ethically and sustainably producing classic, quality clothing that will withstand the test of time. At The New Blak, all garments are handmade in Louisville, Kentucky with sustainable 95% bamboo fabric (except graphic T-shirts, which are organic cotton and made in LA) sourced from sustainable/ethical sellers.

My personal favorites include: the Lauren Jumpsuit with the braided belt, the Girl Boss Muscle Tank, the Feminist necklace, the Audrey dress (tie dye), and the Audrey Top.

I would actually wear everything on the site but it didn't seem practical to put all of it in this blog post. Check out their beautiful garments on and at their website!