Bestowed Essentials


So this is a little something different. We’ve decided to start carrying this all natural, made in the USA self care line in our marketplace but before that launches I thought I would share my favorite product with you here!

Bestowed Essentials checks all of our boxes: all-natural, vegan, cruelty free, handmade in the USA, and zero waste! Check check check check check.  This self care business was started by Christianna who is all about helping people and living an eco-friendly/ethical lifestyle. You may have seen her soaps on instagram dancing around the globe in front of beautiful scenery (so jealous).

And you may have seen her products featured on many zero waste blogs (did I mentions her products are zero waste?!?!). The thick, recycled glass bottle with the tin cap that I received will surely last well into the future. Maybe it will be a bud vase, maybe it will hold a bit of wine on the go, so many possibilities...!

What follows is a review of one of her lovely products that I have given a go over the last month: the Aurora Face Toner.  

So here goes:  

I decided to incorporate this toner into my morning and afternoon routines, which include putting on and taking off make-up, respectively. I like to remove whatever is leftover on my face after sleeping all night (serums, heavy moisturizers, drool) but I don’t go crazy on the cleansing, just some water and toner does the trick.

First impressions:

The Aurora Toner has a nice, subtle herbal smell, subtle enough that I could probably get my boyfriend to use it (yes, men have skin too, who knew?). I applied this generously to my face and neck as soon as I woke up in the morning. It went on easily, it didn’t stingy or leave any excess goop or texture on my face. I didn’t put on moisturizer for a few minutes afterward while I did my hair and make-up and It didn’t ever feel like my skin was needing moisture, it wasn’t tight like some toners can leave it.  Moisturizer went on over it perfectly and so did the sunscreen on top of that. This toner definitely removes whatever is on my skin, is refreshing, and is a good base for my moisturizer and sunscreen.

When I get home from work I immediately change my clothes (remove my bra) and take off my make-up (mostly sunscreen). Again I don’t go crazy on the cleanser (dont worry I was my face before bed) just water and toner does plenty to remove my sunscreen without drying out my skin. I follow up with moisturizer and am ready for evening yoga, housework, or laying on the couch with my laptop. Glorious adulthood.


I been using this toner exclusively for over a month and I’m very happy with it. It’s gentle and soothing but it does the job. It has fit into my skin care routine perfectly and replaced the Thayer’s Rose Witch Hazel that I have been using for years. I think that it is more gentle which is good for my skin because I tend to turn tomato red from every little thing. I even used to soothe my underarms after I waxed them (yes that hurt!) but this helped and I think it did a little something extra for that seriously neglected bit of skin.

All in all I would (will) definitely continue to use this product. It’s gentle and it does the job. Plus it comes in great zero-waste packaging and costs about the same as the Rose Witch Hazel. Good price? check! Plastic free?? double check!!.

I also can’t wait to try a few more things from her line, including:

  • The Luna Herbal Toner (more of a night time thing I think)
  • The Aloe and Tea Tree Shampoo Bar (who needs Lush?)
  • The Face Mask for Sensitive Skin (a powder cleanser? genius)
  • The Charcoal and Mint Tooth Powder (tempting, and that jar!)
  • The Florida Orange Soap (could this be a more beautiful color?)

I hope that after visiting her website and looking at the ingredients and thought that Christianna puts into her products, you will feel the excitement about trying them that I do. Because what's not to love about quality products that are all natural and come in zero waste packaging? That's right, there are only things to love. I'll take one of each please!


Check out her website here: