Spring Wardrobe Change Up


I think it would be accurate to say that I have become complacent in my winter wardrobe. Luckily we have (finally) reached the end of winter and I can start wearing pretty clothes again!

I’ve been recently inspired to actually think about what I wear to work because I spend most of my life there. Here are a few things I am going to try to channel this season:

  • business casual (mandated)

  • minimalist

  • comfy

  • flowy

  • modern

  • probably also bohemian or hippy or whatever we’re calling it now…

  • Also this dress:

Nothing revolutionary but it will take some planning and maybe some *gasp* shopping.

I haven’t really get over my want for Rothy’s... Yellow! Leopard! But some work appropriate slides that I have been eyeing from ABLE are calling me too! Not to mention the Nisolo oxfords that I love, but would probably not go with any of my current pant/skirt choices.  

Also I have become increasingly aware that my thin, flowy, wide-leg work pants are no longer work appropriate. I guess that synthetic fabric couldn’t stand up to all that sitting. So I am going to start a mildly desperate search to replace those with something ASAP.

Generally I need a few more work clothes and since I’m going to try to care more about what I wear to work, I figure that I’ll try to have some fun with this.

Additionally, There are several items that I’ve got my eye on, not because I need them (I don't) but because I cannot stop thinking about them. I have a wedding to go to but I have an outfit... so I think i’ll just continue to keep an eye on this beautiful dress from Whimsey and Row. Oh and these beautiful high heels from ABLE (do I need high heels? not at all), and these beautiful slide sandals from ABLE which I can almost justify... A t-shirt from The New Blak that betrays my garden obsessed tendencies? Yes please!

There are also a few things that I need to mend/steam etc. to get them ready to wear for the season, as well as some things that I’m plotting on making: boxy tops to wear to work (see photos above and below), a fancy purple tank from a nightgown (how hard can it be to sew silk really?),  and a cropped tank top (for fancy occasions) and a flowy pencil skirt (work appropriate) from a now defunct linen dress. also I’ve got to finish up those fancy pants from that bridesmaid dress in time for a wedding in early June (pleats are scary). Yeah I’ve got my hands full!

Side Note: I recently picked up a couple of items second hand from Marine Layer and I have fallen hard for this brand. I’m currently looking into their ethical practices, it appears that many (?) of their items are made in the US... omg. Just take my money.

Double Side Note: No I dont only wear black and white and grey! I have many (some) pieces of clothing that are striped or floral or animal print! I just find that when it comes to my day to day I wear mostly solid colors with the occasional pattern or print mixed in. #Balance

Do you have any pieces that you are thinking about adding to your wardrobe this spring? Are you plotting on sewing something new from something old for the season? Let us know in the comments!